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Acting Acting
Your child will learn professional drama and acting techniques from highly skilled actors, directors, and coaches!
Dance Dance
We offer various types of dance instruction including; Hip-Hop, Ballet, African, Modern, and more!
Professional Staff Professional Staff
Led by Zakiya Watford, ESPA consists of professional staff members with a variety of experience that will teach your child skills that will continue to help them grow in life.

May 26th – August 6th

Hours of Operation 7 am to 6pm.

4650 Flat Shoals PKWY
Decatur, Ga 30034
HF Shepard Building/Edgewood Center


Meals Meals
Breakfast/Lunch & Snack included.
Affordable Weekly Pricing and Discounts! Affordable Weekly Pricing and Discounts!
Our rates start at

$65.00 a week

, and we offer discounts on multiple children!

Professional Staff Professional Staff
Our teachers are experienced actors, directors, and dancers with years of professional credits to their names!
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From Center Stage with Tyler Perry to Center Stage in Decatur, Ga. Zakiya Watford

brings you an awesome Summer Performing Arts Camp experience for your child!

Dramatic Expression

An Approach To The Play: A thorough analysis of a theatrical script designed to help the student identify the purpose of the play, its intricate details that creates the structure, and its character relationships with emphasis on character development. Through the discovery of the writers goal a contextual analysis will give the student deeper insight into approaching the specific role that the student will portray.

Basic Masks: The wearing of masks will increase the students confidence and ability to act as the student portrays diverse characters and themes given to them in the form of improvisations. This will help the student to move freely in acting on impulse, thinking quickly, overcoming physical limitations, and embracing expressive gestures.

Open House: Throughout the year, students will audition for plays that the theatre will present before the public. The students will be under the strict guidance of professional directors and vocal coaches in the business. The plays are used as a measuring tool to gauge the student’s progression through the program. The students will have the opportunity to work behind the scenes of projects that they aren’t directly cast for. The rehearsal projects are used to give the students real life experience. Casting is determined by the students training needs in addition to the demands of the play. The projects for open house will utilize limited rehearsal time, clothing, make-up, furniture and props. The open house is scheduled six weeks into each semester.

Scene Study: Through the power of concentration and focus, students will overcome fear, insecurity and low self-esteem through carefully examining scenes from plays, sitcoms, and film. Students will feel empowered while fostering an awareness of tapping into their inward abilities to create. The student will reach high levels in their acting abilities that will extend far beyond their imagination. Students will learn to add color to their characters giving them depth and range.
My Voice:

Music Studies I (Vocal Training): An introduction to the basic elements of musical composition, including but not limited to, melody, harmony, rhythm and acting through song. The vocal skills of the student will be developed by imparting the understanding of vocal technique, song structure and musical interpretation. Although, Music 1 may not be the students major, every student will be required to take the Music Studies 1 as it is an intricate part of developing a well rounded actor.

Speech: The development of an ability to speak correct English clearly, and with interpretation freeing the student from the shyness to speak and vocal impediments.

Technical Voice: Devoted to the examination and practice of the basic principles of breathing, resonance, placement, and diction. Vocal acrobats range are developed causing the student to become more unified with the creative process.

Three D ( Dance Dramatic Dimensions)

Alexander Technique: A mind-body method for becoming aware of and changing movement habits. Focus is on the development of awareness of oneself in movement – to recognize and learn how to release excess tension and to change those habits of movement which interfere with the free and centered use of body.

Movement: A class designed to increase healthiness in each student giving them physical range through high impact exercises, stretching, dancing, and strengthening exercises. Emphasis is placed on flexibility, rhythm, phrasing, acting through movement, intent, and moving in space. The class integrates the process of the Alexander Technique.

Dance Compositions: Movement experiences in structured and impulsive situations giving the dancer a broader imagination. Students begin to discover how a dance is developed through the process of learning choreography and dance studies.

Act of Dancing: Students learn to express themselves theatrically through dance, telling the story of the dance’s theme. The student will fuse a variety of acting exercises with choreography and dancing improvisations. The student will learn to dance with theatrical expression on impulse.

Modern Dance: The study of various techniques developed by the 20th century masters of dance. In addition, students will have the freedom to create their very own modern style of dancing.

Jazz: A dance form or dance that is matched to rhythms and techniques of jazz music and non-jazz music. A history of its origin will be taught in addition to a fusion of jazz dance with other styles of dance.

Hip-Hop: The origins of Hip-Hop dance will be taught, in addition to the various styles of hip-hop. Emphasis on rhythm, interpretation, technique and performance will be taught.

Ballet: The origins of Ballet will be taught in addition to basic and advanced techniques of ballet dance. Students will learn to embrace dramatic movement and interpret different genres of music through ballet performance.

African: Traditional and non-traditional dances will be taught. In addition, the culture of the African people will be taught through dance including, social patterns, values, respect for nature and God.


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Zakiya H. Watford, Artistic Director
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